Another great day at Signifi! Today we announced our alliance with The Mission Control Communications, a UK-based global marketing, branding and creative agency. I have worked with The Mission — as I call them — for over a decade while managing marketing departments at leading CROs and other life sciences companies. They are super customer-centric, which was important for me and fits nicely with our operating philosophy at Signifi. The Mission’s proven ability to deliver global campaigns for contract research organizations and other life sciences companies makes them an ideal alliance partner for Signifi. Welcome aboard!

See the formal announcement below.


For Immediate Release

October 31, 2018

Signifi announces strategic alliance with The Mission Control Communications

Hudson, NY.  After months of planning, Signifi founder Dr. Joseph Bedford confirmed today that the United States based strategic marketing and branding agency has entered into a strategic alliance with European marketing, branding and communications consultancy The Mission Control Communications to extend and align skillsets, talent and resources worldwide. The alliance announced today will see both companies consolidate an already highly effective relationship that has spanned more than a decade.

The alliance empowers both firms to take advantage of complementary skill sets for the benefit of clients. Whereas Signifi has specialized expertise in helping companies with strategy, branding, sales and marketing effectiveness, and the customer experience, the Mission has the ability to deliver world-class support for marketing, branding, product launch and other communications campaigns. Together, these two agencies offer life science companies, such as Contract Research Organizations, a viable alternative to existing firms that do not have the subject matter expertise or strategic capabilities offered by the alliance of Signifi and The Mission Control Communications.

Dr. Bedford comments on the alliance, “Signifi exists to offer key decision makers at Contract Research Organizations and other life sciences companies access to a level of specialized expertise that few other firms possess. Our alliance with The Mission Control Communications enables Signifi to offer its clients a turnkey solution to support branding, marketing and other promotional campaigns. I’ve worked with James Killoran and The Mission Control Communications for over a decade on a variety of branding and marketing campaigns. They consistently addressed my needs while I was running marketing departments at CROs worldwide, so I am very confident they will deliver that level of excellence to Signifi’s clients.” 

James Killoran, Head of Strategy at The Mission Control Communications said, “This moment has been more than 10 years in the making, so today is significant for all involved. The combination of Joe’s experience in running marketing and strategy programs from a client perspective at major CRO’s, coupled with our own ability to effectively deliver on those program needs as a creative agency and partner, makes this a relationship that is built on proven outcomes and trust.”

With further announcements on alliances planned over the coming months with notable research, technology and public relations agencies, as well as experienced life science marketing and sales consultants, today’s announcement lays the foundation to a core agency structure that will transform the marketing landscape for life science companies on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. 


About Signifi

Signifi helps clients improve commercial performance by focusing on four of the most important aspects of their businesses: Strategy, Branding, the Customer Experience (CX) and Marketing and Sales performance. Emboldened by a customer-centric philosophy, Signifi provides clients the kind of personalized attention, experience and specialized expertise required to succeed in these four crucial areas of their businesses.

About The Mission Control Communications

A multi-award winning international advertising, marketing and branding consultancy, The Mission Control Communications works with clients and in-house marketing teams to create intelligent and agile solutions that effectively engage audiences in today’s disruptive and highly competitive global marketplace, enabling brands to thrive in some of the most competitive and strictly regulated sectors including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

For more information, please contact:

Joseph Bedford, Ph.D.
T: 518.751.8397

James Killoran
Head of Strategy
The Mission Control Communications
T: +44 (0)28 95 900 841