Organizations that focus on their brand — placing it above the multitude of other areas and concerns — often have the most success and longevity in the marketplace.

Signifi conducts research with your staff and customers to help you better understand perceptions of your brand compared to competitors.

Signifi helps you identify your differentiation from competitors. We then help you build a strategy, brand story and visual identity that gives you competitive advantage.

Signifi will develop and design a logo that is consistent with your company’s positioning and brand story.

We collaborate with you to select primary and secondary colors that communicate the essence of your corporate culture, brand story, and positioning.

Signifi will help you develop a consistent way of expressing your brand story that involves repetitive use of key words and phrases over time.

To help you remain consistent with your brand story and promise, Signifi will work with your commercial teams to develop a brand guidelines document that regulate the use of your visual identity, brand story, and other brand elements.

The key to developing a persuasive brand story is focusing on what differentiates your organization from others in the market segments in which you operate. Once that differentiation is discovered — often through customer and employee insights — we collaborate with you to write a short 2-3 paragraph brand story highlighting your company’s positioning. Afterwards, Signifi is available to train your staff how to deliver the brand story elevator pitch effectively to customers and others.

Delivering on your brand promise is key to a successful brand. Signifi will help you write a brand promise statement that accurately depicts your differentiation from other providers and the value clients can expect from your company.

The best brands never take their eyes off of their company’s mission, vision, and values. Those elements of your company culture provide a platform to rally customers, employees, executives, investors and other stakeholders. Signifi offers a variety of methodologies to help you create new or sharpen your current mission, vision, and values, including external research, interviews with key company stakeholders, internal employee/management workshops, and focus groups.