Leading firms consistently invest in fine-tuning their commercial performance, particularly the effectiveness of their sales and marketing teams. Preparing them to win is vital to your brand’s success and company’s sales performance.

Signifi will conduct professional audits of your sales and marketing teams to better understand how they can be improved. As part of an overall assessment, we examine your markets, lead generation processes, budgets, talent management, sales and marketing metrics, and other variables that impact commercial effectiveness. We then make recommendations and help you implement improvement plans.

Signifi can help bring to life your sales and marketing strategies in annual plans. Such plans minimally include commercial and financial goals for the year, an overview of your market, an assessment of industry trends and client needs, a SWOT analysis of your organization, an opportunity assessment, a market strategy to convert those opportunities, and a detailed plan of marketing and sales activities/programs for the year.

When your organization needs help developing effective sales and marketing campaigns, Signifi will collaborate with you to develop the type of materials (e.g., web site content, brochures, sell sheets, digital marketing, advertisements, press releases, videos, etc.) that differentiate you in the marketplace and drive leads into your organization.

From white papers to videos, panel discussions to workshops, and trade show presentations to scientific/technical webinars and podcasts, Signifi can help you better market to scientists and technical professionals.

Through our affiliation with notable public relations firms, or directly through Signifi, we can help you craft public relations strategies and reputation management programs uniquely suited to your needs and budget. Signifi also offers services on a “one-off basis,” such as press release writing and management.