A brand’s reputation is ultimately tied to the level of satisfaction customers have with their experience along the customer journey.

Signifi conducts research to gain insights about your clients’ customer experience with you. We identify all the touchpoints of client interaction, your perceived strengths and weaknesses, as well as customers’ unmet needs, and expectations across the customer journey. Signifi hones in on “moments of truth” customers set for you throughout their journey. We then compare that customer experience with those of your competitors to identify points of differentiation and white-space opportunities for you to create the optimal customer experience.

Following research, Signifi produces a visual map outlining the customer journey and research insights we have gathered about each step along the way. This visual can be used internally to motivate and educate employees about the customer journey, and how your firm can delight clients at each touchpoint.

The customer journey is often impacted by your relationships with suppliers, outsourcing partners, and others. To better understand your customer experience it is often necessary to examine third party relationships in your supply chain. Signifi can research those issues and develop a customer ecosphere map that places your third-party suppliers and others in the greater ecosphere of your company and client relationships.

Once we have completed research, drawn customer journey and ecosphere maps, Signifi can put it all into action — either enhancing your existing customer experience program or helping launch a new one. Through a series of internal workshops with management and staff, we will draw upon research insights to develop a customer experience and journey that will delight your clients. We can then also help you train your employees to deliver a superior customer experience, one that exceeds your clients’ expectations and supports your brand story.

There are a variety of companies who sell customer experience software that you can apply to manage and institutionalize your customer experience program. Such technologies include mechanisms to continually tap clients for insights, better understand their levels of satisfaction, and alert you when you are in danger of losing clients due to a poor customer experience. Technologies of this sort are expensive as well as time-consuming to administer and maintain. Signifi can help select the best systems for your company, or create a custom system, depending upon the levels of sophistication you require. We can be your experienced third voice as you identify vendors, evaluate their software, and implement it in your workplace.

With your new customer experience program up and running, Signifi can help you solicit ongoing voice of the customer insights. We are also available to help you make sense of the data collected and suggest interventions you can make to improve your customer experience.

Sometimes it is necessary for you to make targeted investments in people, processes, equipment and technologies to improve your customer experience. Signifi will help you decide upon specific capital investments in areas that are essential to your customers. We will cull through the research, customer satisfaction data, and other insights to help you identify the key areas of investment required to improve your customer experience. We will then help you build your case for capital investments in those areas, including helping write capital expenditure requests.

Simple customer satisfaction programs go a long way in understanding your customer experience. Signifi can help you develop a customer satisfaction program that best fits your company and clients. We offer a variety of customer satisfaction tools including surveys, interviews with clients, benchmarking studies, and end of project/sale evaluation methods.